Indoor and outdoor security cameras to keep your home secure

Having the right security measures in place at home is important. It ensures that your priceless memories remain secure, and that your loved ones remain safe.

With the Nest Cam, having peace of mind is more convenient than ever. Nest Cams are home security cameras that are simple to set up and use advanced technology to keep a growing number of people in Hong Kong safe.


Security cameras for all purposes

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a powerful device for monitoring your home. It can by synced with your smartphone, providing the user with 24/7 live video streaming in 1080p HD and remote access. Motion and sound alerts will also appear on your phone, allowing you to be aware of anything happening at home. The infrared night vision feature allows you to see clearly in the dark. The camera has 130° field of vision and 8x zoom, ensuring that you can clearly see inside your home all the time.

Similarly to the indoor camera, the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera also allows you to access and control the camera from afar. Additionally, it allows for 2-way communication — not only can you listen to what’s happening in the area near your Nest Cam, but you can also use your phone to respond through the camera no matter where you are. Additionally, the weatherproof design of the outdoor security camera ensures that it is not easily damaged.

The third member of the Nest family is the Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. The alarm instantly alerts you through your phone if your home is in danger, and has advanced sensor features that will specifically describe the nature of the emergency. You can also use your phone to remotely switch the alarm on and off.


Enhancing your home environment

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